Create Classes at SENZ


Sharon Newport (Gore)

Sharon has been teaching at SENZ for many years, and her Mixed Media style Scrapbooking  and technique classes are always very popular. This year she will be teaching two layout classes and a technique class. 

Friday 9.30am Rustic Traveller (PInk Layout) and Sunday 1pm seaside Rendezvous (Blue Layout) still have vacancies. $49 Book Here

Jeanine du Plessis

Jeanine will be teaching an Art Journalling class on Sunday afternoon at SENZ. $40  Book Here


My name is Jeanine du Plessis, a stay at home mum to one.  My days consist of changing diapers, singing “old mac Donald had a farm”, playing on the carpet, cleaning messes and fighting for nap times, during which I love to get my fingers full of paint and manage my YouTube channel.
Born and raised in South Africa, married since 2011, we moved to New Zealand March 2016. I had my daughter Lily here in Auckland - New Zealand, in August 2016.
I grew up with a creative mom and therefore have always loved art, drawing, painting or creating something, even if it’s just cutting up old jeans to make a duvet. I just love keeping busy with crafty projects, its keeps me sane.
Patreon creator, teaching the basic skills on how to art journal.
Design team member at The Crafter’s Workshop from August 2018, where I create inspiration for everyone who loves stencils (Who doesn’t right?) and showcase new products and techniques.  What an honor!
I have been featured in multiple issues of Mixed Up Magazine, for all kinds of art projects, from art journaling to flower making, to Bible journaling
My art style is messy, fun, raw and unapologetic. I like to sometimes just sit in front of a blank page without the faintest idea of what it will become, and just get some paint down. I don’t believe there are any mistakes in art, only lessons to be learned. Inspiring people to create is my main goal. That to me is the real reason I share my art. To get people inspired!
I draw inspiration from all around, it could even be from my daughters dress or something as simple as the night sky.
I started my YouTube channel called “My Arty Heart” in 2015 - just for fun. I loved watching videos about art and got into art journaling and learned so much from other YouTubers that I felt inspired to create my own channel and the response has been tremendous. I still can’t believe that people like to watch me have fun.
I don’t think of myself as professional or even an artist, I am just someone who finds the time in each day to create art, try out new techniques, something I have seen on YouTube or journal my thoughts. Some pieces are better than others, and sometimes a piece get abandoned or tossed aside, but sometimes … a piece is amazing and inspiring and makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. That’s the feeling I chase. That’s ME!