Jo Johnson and the Imagine If team

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I am an owner/designer at Imagine If. I love what I do, Christmas, my cat and getting very messy! If you don’t
have a sense of humour, don’t come to my classes as I love to joke and have fun in them. I have been teaching
at SENZ for the last 5 years as well as our weekly and monthly scrapbooking and off the page classes we hold
in our retail shop in Morrinsville. I am passionate about chipboard and how I can decorate it, alter it and
stretch it as far as it will go using mixed media. I love creating and finding that something a little bit different
to add to projects to ensure we have unique and interesting projects and classes.


I am the other owner / designer at Imagine If - mum thinks shes the boss but thats not really the case - but
please don’t tell her! I am a massive fan of all things art, design, Disney, magic, movies and books! I run a
graphic design business (creating business stationery, logos, invitations and lasercut cake toppers and decor)
out of Imagine If but love helping to create new class projects with mum (Jo) and teaching classes as well.
This is my this is my third year teaching at SENZ and as you will see my passions are reflected in the classes I
am teaching this year.


I have been designing for Jo at Imagine If for a few years now. I began by Scrapbooking but now I have
expanded and I produce Mixed Media art, assemblage art, journals, mini albums and more. I like to use
recycled materials in my art and I also like to take the Imagine If chipboard and use it in less than traditional
ways by altering it and using it in off the page projects. This will be my third year teaching classes at SENZ
for Imagine If. I love the atmosphere at SENZ and I enjoy seeing people taking what I teach and putting their
own spin on it. I like to share techniques and give people tools and confidence to try new things and incorporate
them into their own art.