Jenny Heaslip

SENZ South will be Jenny's first time teaching in New Zealand so we are very excited that she has agreed to come to teach in Christchurch

Hi there I’m Jenny, let me tell you a little about myself.
I live in Brisbane, Queensland with my husband and two sons who are 25 & 27 and my gorgeous cattle dog Ghost.
I have always loved to be doing or making something and have had stints in lots of different crafts. I started scrapbooking about 12 years ago and it just felt right and it has been part of my life since then. Photography is another big love of mine so being able to showcase photos on the pages I create is a bonus. So being a photographer means I have a lot of photos so I needed a way to get as many photos on pages as I could but without sacrificing a well composed clean page. Also, scrapbook paper is double sided and sometimes I can’t choose which side to use. So, I started to create my interactive layouts which allowed me to not only scrap 20 to 30 photos at a time but I also got to see both sides of the paper. I love when people “explore” my pages and discover all the hidden “openable” or “liftable” components.

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